Auto Shipping to Canada

Auto shipping to Canada is a bit more complex than it seems. While the United States and Canada are on very good terms and are both part of NAFTA, there are still quite a bit of issues to deal with when importing a car into Canada.

Car Shipping to Canada Requires:

Canada has its own set of car regulations; while they mostly parallel US regulations and cars that are street legal in the US will generally be so in Canada, the paperwork to prove your car is up to specs will still need to be done. In addition, there are customs issues to deal with; US customs will require a copy of the title to be faxed to the border crossing three days in advance before letting it leave the country and Canadian authorities will want to make sure that any recall issues have been addressed. You may also need to pay Canadian sales tax (GST or HST) on the car while you ship a car. That string of paperwork is hard to keep up with on your own. Not everyone with a car hauler behind their truck can handle those issues, so choosing a veteran car transporter provider is vital. N-Motion Auto Transport deals with customs brokers on a daily basis, so we are well versed in all the paperwork and logistics required to ship your car to the Great White North.

Door to Door Car Transport & Canada Auto Transport Services

N-Motion Auto Transport makes auto shipping to Canada a breeze. We can move vehicles efficiently and cost effectively from the US to almost anywhere in Canada including, but not limited to; Halifax, Moncton, Fredericton, St. Johns, Montreal, Quebec City, Calgary, Vancouver, Charlottetown, Ottawa, Toronto, etc. Not shipping to or from any of the listed cities? No problem! N-Motion Auto Transport has many more locations that can be accessible, so just ask an agent when you need auto shipping to Canada information.

We at N-Motion Auto Transport cater to your specific needs, whether you require an open auto transport carrier or an enclosed auto transport carrier. Call one of our professional representatives and let N-Motion Auto Transport take care of all auto shipping to Canada logistics.


N-Motion Surpasses Expectations

N-Motion Auto Transport remains a staple in the car shipping industry with their competitive pricing.  This is all due to the mass volume of vehicle shipments that N-Motion brings, to not only markets of scale, but even the little shippers.  Our strong network of affiliated carriers and dedicated fleets help N-Motion Auto Transport assist each customer with a personalized transport program.

The owner operators that N-Motion Auto Transport uses are highly experienced, carry ample up-to-date insurance, and know the ends and outs of the vehicle shipping industry on a first hand basis.  These drivers livelihoods depend on their level of service provided and they pride themselves on this as well.  N-Motion Auto Transport demands a high level of service and they believe that the hard work of the drivers paves the way to success.

N-Motion Auto Transport is a car transport company with an experienced staff, which is the reason they are on top today.  This is the team of great people that you get the pleasure of speaking with on a daily basis.

You will be assigned a representative that is dedicated to making you feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible from the time you submit a quote to the delivery of your vehicle. They will walk you through the entire auto transport process, one step at a time, to make sure you understand every detail. The last thing we would want is for the customer to be in the dark about anything along the way. We understand that many people have never utilized trucking services before, so we make it as easy as possible.

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