10-Wheel Car Transports

American auto transport firms running 10-wheels on their transports, these day, rather than the traditional 18-wheels the transport industry has used for years will be interested in the news that more and more transport professionals in the United States of America are tuning into the benefits of running 10-wheels, over 18-wheels. Another transport firm operating on the roads and highways of North America announced they are making the switch to 10-wheels, from 18-wheels, and would now be running single-wide drive tires on their estimated 11,000 transport vehicles in the months and years ahead in the century of the environment.

This announcement was made during a meeting at Michelin North America headquarters this week as professionals in the business of controlling auto shipping rates were on hand to watch as the 1 millionth X-One wide-base tire came off of the Michelin assembly line. Sources indicate that the first wide-based X-One tire was made about a decade ago, and this one million tire milestone is a significant development for both the transport industry of the United States of America and Michelin. They also indicate that single-wide drive tires during the past decade have become mainstream in the transport industry of America, and they have even started making inroads into other transport applications.

Professionals car shipping to Puerto Rico that want to check out the results firms implementing single-wide drive tires on their transport vehicles are achieving should talk to transport professionals using these tires in their fleet operations. This could be another way for you to save money and possibly benefits in other ways down the transport roads of America in the days ahead.

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