Car Shipping – Car Tips

While you should keep your car under check year round, there are a few things that tend to pop up in the summer and can end up causing major trouble if not addressed promptly. * Make sure there are no cracks in the radiator. If coolant is leaking, it can end up damaging the engine.Read More

Tips to Save Gas

The following is a list of gas saving tips I saw on the website You will have to check out their website for a more detailed explanation of each tip. These are just a few ways to save gas in this economy: 1.Fill your tank at the coolest time of day. 2.Try not toRead More

CAR SHIPPING, What is Your Peace of Mind Worth?

Because there are HUGE differences in services when shipping your car (whether cross country, state to state, or internationally)…know what you get for the price difference. 1. Terminal drop and pick upService includes: Gives you exact day drop off, but the transport time can be as much as 4x longer than door to door shipping. TrucksRead More

What is car shipping?

Car shipping – in simple terms – is the act of transporting a car from one location to another. However, the process could turn out to be a pain if not done properly. There are many choices and options that the customer has to make wisely while choosing the auto transport company. Here’s a simple breakdown of theRead More

Easing your Shipping Worries

Most people are pretty frightened at the prospect of paying out the nose through the internet, and many of us have enough horror stories to tell about fraudulent credit card charges as the result of them. Despite the history and the frightening times before, there’s always the allure of an online auction for that blackRead More

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