Tips to Save Gas

The following is a list of gas saving tips I saw on the website You will have to check out their website for a more detailed explanation of each tip. These are just a few ways to save gas in this economy:

1.Fill your tank at the coolest time of day.

2.Try not to stomp on the gas anymore than you need to.

3.Likewise, try not to slam on your brakes.

4.Plan your route to avoid traffic jams.

5.Keep your tires properly inflated.

6.When filling your tank, do not use the max pressure on the nozzle.

7.Lighten up and don’t haul anything you don’t absolutely need, around with you.

8.Keep your speed under 65mph.

9.Use cruise control on the highway.

10.Keep your air filter and fuel filter changed.

Every little bit helps.

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