What is that Car Carrying Colossus?

Every time I travel from Houston to San Antonio, I always notice trucks much larger than my little car driving along side me, but the one machine that always catches my interest is the car carrier. Car haulers are essentially a series of flat beds stacked in such a fashion that each holds a single car in placeRead More


Graduating high school or college, or if it’s a summer or spring break my friends and I always shouted ‘BACKPACK!’ Do you ever relive those days when you would plan a trip to Europe with your close buddies, the itch to spend those bucks you’d earned in months and just unwind with no worries likeRead More

Buying a Car on eBay

Buying a car on eBay is no small venture. It’s a careful process that you have to be dedicated to. First, obviously, is deciding on what kind of car you want to purchase. Be it a 2009 Chevy Cobalt or a 1971 Yugo, you can find nearly any car you want if you’re willing toRead More

Low Price vs Reputation in Car Transport

When you are choosing or working with an auto transport company, reputation is always more important than who has the cheapest rate. You can research the companies online and you will see a wide variety of ratings and rates from transport companies. Do not be tempted to run with the cheapest vehicle transport company. Make sure you work onlyRead More

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