What is that Car Carrying Colossus?

Every time I travel from Houston to San Antonio, I always notice trucks much larger than my little car driving along side me, but the one machine that always catches my interest is the car carrierCar haulers are essentially a series of flat beds stacked in such a fashion that each holds a single car in place for the duration of a transport. Each bed is tilted in such a fashion that in the rare chance of something actually happening to the vehicle, little no harm would actually come to the item in question. Each vehicle is individually mounted in a secure and balanced fashion to restrict movement, keeping it from slipping and sliding onto the road before they reach their destination. They’re a comparatively cheap and efficient solution to multi-car transport. While it’s technically an exposed carrier, each car can be fitted with what is essentially a car rain-poncho, which will protect it from natural precipitation.

When you’re out on the road, passing one of these behemoths, keep in mind how useful, how safe, and most importantly how money-saving the titan can be. And remember, even if it looks like one could come crashing down on you, they really are safely mounted down, and the person driving the transport is a well-trained individual, who is well-aware of what they’re doing.

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