Low Price vs Reputation in Car Transport

When you are choosing or working with an auto transport company, reputation is always more important than who has the cheapest rate. You can research the companies online and you will see a wide variety of ratings and rates from transport companies. Do not be tempted to run with the cheapest vehicle transport company. Make sure you work only with companies that are reputable. A good auto transport company will pick up and drop off your car door-to-door rather than terminal-to-terminal. In addition, when they do pick up your car they will do it during the time that you have planned. A good car transport company uses drivers that are friendly and usually owner operators. These are drivers that own their own transport carriers and therefore take pride in what they do. You expect your car to arrive on time and in good condition, and a good vehicle transport company will see that it does. If you are worried about where your car is at any time during shipping, a good company will provide you with up to date tracking and status reports. Communication and services being very important.

You get what you pay for in auto transport. If you choose your auto transport company based primarily on rate, you can expect to lose the level of service you need. So do your research before going with (“we will beat any deal”). Those companies usually are cheap for a reason. They are usually not very reputable companies and need the low rate just to book the deal. Good luck with them doing what they said in the initial call.

Just like any other service or product, there are always cheaper options. And normally the cheaper option usually ends up breaking soon after the purchase or the service does not live up to your expectations. So, actually spending the extra on the first go round can save you money in the long run.

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