What is car shipping?

Car shipping – in simple terms – is the act of transporting a car from one location to another. However, the process could turn out to be a pain if not done properly. There are many choices and options that the customer has to make wisely while choosing the auto transport company. Here’s a simple breakdown of the car shipping process options. The most basic choice starts off with the idea of shipping your car on an open carrier, or in an enclosed carrier. Open carriers are giant trucks with six to ten slots for vehicles. The chances of getting your car damaged are high in an open trailer. Therefore, companies provide the option of enclosed trailers so that when your car is loaded into a trailer it is protected from all kinds of hazards and threats during the shipment. Another option in car shipping is door-to-door shipping or terminal-to-terminal shipping, and we’ll break that down for you. Door-to-door shipping is when the truck will pick up your vehicle straight from your house, regardless of where you live. With terminal-to-terminal shipping, you drop your car off at an open lot, and leave your car there until a truck can come pick it up. This could sometimes take up to months.

Car shipping is a fairly simple and fast process, if the right choices are made while choosing your shipper. Summary: choose an open, door-to-door shipping process. Also check the companies out for their reliability, awards, and BBB ratings before finalizing on a company.

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