A Little Taste of Home, Things you need to remember when shipping

Shipping a car can be a great way to bring a little taste of home to wherever life brings you. New places feel strange enough as it is. Driving around and getting lost in your own car can make the whole learning curve just a little bit easier to deal with.

When using a auto transport company to ships your vehicle from home to wherever you are going there are some general preparation rules you should follow in order to insure that your vehicle gets where you want it in a safe and timely fashion. It may seem silly, but you should have your vehicle washed; it will help expedite the inspection when it gets to your destination. Be absolutely certain that any alarms are turned off. You don’t want your battery to be dead plus who knows if the ship’s crew might feel the need to stop it by whatever means necessary. Some ships have low overheads so be sure that your antennae is lowered and anything attached to the vehicle, i.e. bike or ski racks. You also want to have your gas tank about a quarter full; just enough for it to be driven from the dock to the ship and from the ship to the shipping yard once it arrives at its destination.

Basically, when you are car shipping you want to do whatever you can to make the shipping process easier. The less there is on the outside, the easier it will be to secure and the less likely there will be any damage during transportation. The sea can be very strange and powerful and you never know what forces will be exerted on your car.

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