A More in Depth Understanding of Transit Time

So that everyone is on the same page of what “transit time” really is, let’s take a closer look.  By understanding this, it can reduce confusion by both parties involved in the car shipping process.  We know that you need or want you vehicle as quickly as possible and we strive to give you that service, but there are elements that can increase the time that it takes to get your car to you.  Just think, when you drive across the country, there are many factors that might hold you up like weather, traffic, food and sleep.  Well, by sharing the truck with other customers’ vehicles, it does dramatically reduce the cost of the vehicle transport for each customer.  So with that said, the driver has to stop at each location on the way to you so that he can deliver the vehicles.  

Timing is one of the most important things to the driver, so he will do his best to be as punctual as possible.  The time of car transportation can largely be effected by the auto transport company that you hired to ship your vehicle.  If you went with that low ball quote it’s because they wanted to lock you in with all of the promises and then either take forever to deliver the vehicle or end up calling you back and telling you that the price is going to be higher.  Each spot on the truck represents a dollar value that must be met in order to pay for the fuel and labor expense.  This is one factor that is the most important to remember when shipping cars.  If you are looking for the cheapest price to ship your car from coast to coast, you are going to have a longer transit time and/or the cheapest service.

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