American Car Haulers Want Changes Made?

Car shipping prices in the United States will vary from firm to firm and service to service, but one thing is staying strong and consistent in the car hauling industry of the United States of America as we head into the second decade of the century of the environment. The partnership between the American Trucking Associations and the United States Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is still going strong, but the latest reports around the American transport industry indicate that the American Trucking Associations think work still needs to be done on improving CSA 2010.

Reports have the ATA recently sending a letter to the FMCSA Administrator Anne Ferro asking for a timetable to be created to establish a new process within the current CSA safety measurement system to help make sure a car transporter can only held accountable for crashes they actually played a part in causing. Apparently, the letter in question asked the agency to look at putting in place a system that would allow for a better and more accurate assessment of the actual causes of crashes.

This is great news for American auto transport professionals that have been looking at CSA 2010 and wondering if they were going to be held responsible for the crash types the ATA thinks should be reviewed. Hopefully, the administrator of the United States Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration agrees with the ATA’s point of view, and begins looking at making the changes to CSA 2010 that the association is asking for in the days ahead in the century of the environment.

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