Auto Shipping a SUV

N-Motion Auto Transport’s professional staff has years of experience in the automotive industry.  They are more than able to cater to each customer’s needs, whether it is a specific time frame or just an over-sized or odd vehicle.  Shipping an SUV is a very common thing to do, especially when it needs to travel long distances in a timely fashion.  SUV’s are larger vehicles with more weight than average cars on the road, but N-Motion Auto Transport takes all of the details into account to ensure you that you are getting the right type of car carriers for the job.

SUV Auto Transport

A majority of auto shipping carriers max out at 10 vehicles per load and some carry as few as 2 vehicles per load.  Just because there might be 10 vehicles that are needing to be transported doesn’t necessarily mean that they can all go on the same trailer.  The trucks are restricted by length, height and weight of the total load.  So, if the vehicles are longer or heavier than average then odds are that there won’t be 12 vehicles on that load.   As to make sure that your vehicle makes it on the truck, be sure to remove all household goods and anything extra that might cause the SUV to be heavier.

Insurance for SUV Auto Shipping

SUVs typically are hauled on what is called an open transport trailer.  I’m sure you have seen those big 18 wheelers on the road that have all of the cars on the back…that is an open transport.  N-Motion Auto Transport does their due diligence and only uses highly rated, fully insured carriers that are in good standing with the Department of Transportation. 

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