Auto Shipping Rates Being Discussed?

The future of auto shipping and the American transport industry is being discussed by professionals that showed up for the Great American Trucking Show in Dallas this week. The discussions have primarily centered about the new truck and transport technologies that are coming down the road in the months and years ahead in the century of the environment in the United States of America. In addition to the warp speed at which changes are appearing in the transport industry of America and the smart transports and environments in which these transport vehicles will be operating in decades down the road.

America heavy-duty car shipping vehicles on the transport roads and highways of the future will detect the hills and slopes on the route ahead. This allows drivers to use features like cruise control to maintain the momentum of their transport vehicle as they approach a big hill, without having to gun the engine and use more fuel than required, and to keep the engine running evenly on the flat parts of the route. At present we have seen some of this technology and its benefits in Predictive Load Management or PALM technology, which can achieve optimum engine cooling using software that detects the slope of the road ahead. This allows for regulation of the cooling of the engine of car carriers, which can take some of the load off of the engine and increase its life expectancy. The future of the transport industry of America is starting to look a little different and according to sources taking part in the discussions, things are starting to get a little exciting!

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