Auto Shipping to Hawaii

Vehicle Shipping between the Mainland and Hawaii has never been so easy. When shipping from any of the continental U.S. states to Hawaii, N-Motion Auto Transport will pick your vehicle up from your location and bring it to the port in California. When shipping from Hawaii to any of the continental U.S. states, N-Motion Auto Transport will pick your vehicle up at the port in California. and delivery it to your location.

N-Motion Auto Transport arranges for the right carrier to haul or load your vehicle and will proudly arrange the transport of your vehicle. We cover all 48 Continental U.S. States and Hawaii. N-Motion Auto Transport will ship your personal auto, truck or SUV, Minivan safely and securely to Hawaii. We offer bi-weekly service between the US West Coast and Honolulu, Kahului, and Hilo Hawaii. A variety of shipping options are available to meet your individual needs.

N-Motion Auto Transport will we help you arrange your vehicle shipment in a closed container. Full enclosure protects vehicles from environmental damage caused by salt, dust, sand and industrial contaminants.
Below is a list that will make shipping your vehicle to/from Hawaii easier.

Required items upon delivery of your vehicle:

You must provide N-Motion Auto Transport with keys to the ignition, trunk, gas cap and any locked compartment. Please have copies of your keys made and leave only the copies (keep your original set of keys) after you have checked to ensure that the copies fit all devices/compartments.

• Original Vehicle Registration and Title
N-Motion Auto Transport will need a copy of the title and registration.

• Creditor/Lessor notarized statement
If your vehicle is currently financed or leased, bring a notarized statement from your creditor or lessor that the creditor or lessor is aware your vehicle is being shipped.

• Non-Owner of vehicle
If the person shipping/receiving the vehicle is other than the owner, N-Motion Auto Transport requires a notarized letter of authorization from the owner.

• Photo ID
In order to pick up the car, you (or anyone you designate) must furnish a photo ID.

• For Vehicles shipped from Hawaii
If you are shipping your vehicle from Hawaii and there is co-ownership of the vehicle, both owners must be present when vehicle is delivered to N-Motion Auto Transport. If only one owner is present, a notarized letter is required from the absent co-owner authorizing the shipment.

• Delayed Shipments
All vehicles are subject to delayed shipment in the event of a full ship environment and could be assigned to a ship leaving later than the requested sailing date.
Prepare your vehicle for shipment:
• Winter Protection
If you are shipping your vehicle, radiators and batteries must be adequately protected from freezing.

• Don’t Fill Your Tank
Since gasoline is flammable, we require that your tank be no more than one-fourth full. Leave only enough gas in your tank to drive to a service station at destination. Vehicles with propane tanks or diesel fuel require special handling.

• Don’t Pack Anything in Your Vehicle
No personal items, luggage or boxes may be shipped inside the passenger area or trunk. An infant car seat and spare tire with jack are considered to be integral parts of the vehicle, so they may be included. You will be asked to remove anything that is not permanently mounted or bolted to the vehicle.

• Don’t Pack Firearms or Fire Extinguishers
No firearms, ammunition of any type or fire extinguishers may be shipped in a vehicle.

• Disconnect Alarm Systems
Vehicle alarm systems must be disconnected before a vehicle may be shipped.

• No Disabled Vehicles
Your vehicle must be in safe operating condition with inflated tires, fully operational brakes, transmission and steering. All vehicles will be inspected upon delivery to N-Motion Auto Transport. If a vehicle is not in safe operating condition, it will not be accepted for shipment.

• Required Ground Clearance
All vehicles must have six inches of ground clearance in order to be shipped.

For all of your enclosed car shipping and auto transport needs, call N-Motion Auto Transport today for hassle free auto shipping rates!