Auto Shipping Truck Tires Get a Little Help

The business of a car transporter doing business in the United States can get tougher, if the cost of doing business starts to head north. Making sure the required maintenance is completed on the truck tires your fleet uses could be a task that keeps your transports moving to destination, rather than sitting on the sidelines having their truck tires worked on. Ohio-based Ken-Tool has just announced the expansion of their line of tire service lubricants that will help you keep your truck tires in shape and moving to destination in a reliable and efficient manner, rather than in the hands of tire technicians.

Designed for both fleets that ship cars to destination and off-highway applications, Ken-Tool’s new Euro Paste, Heavy Paste, Tiger Paste and Ultra Lube help in the truck tire mounting process, by lubricating the surface of the tire rim and bead. All of these new lubricants contain rust inhibitors to protect the tires steel rims from rust, which can bond the tire bead to the rim, and make removing and mounting the tire quicker and easier to accomplish, according to Ken-Tool.

Ken-Tool has indicated that Euro Paste is a premium tire mounting lubricant that dries to a tacky consistency and prevents rim slippage that’s perfect to help vehicle shipping professionals keep their truck tires in shape. Heavy Paste is an economical, concentrated tire mounting and bead packing lubricant, Tiger Paste is made for commercial, off-road and other applications, while Ultra Lube is a tire mounting lubricant and rim rust retardant that has been designed for the demanding transport applications required in the transport industry of the United States of America.

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