Auto Shipping Will Need More Drivers

Transport firms in the business of controlling car shipping prices could have trouble finding drivers for their transport vehicles in a few years time, according to many transport experts looking at the future. The transport experts over at FTR Associates believe that by the time the transport industry of the United States of America makes it to 2012, there could be shortage of professionals transport drivers to help move customers cars to destination in a reliable, efficient and cost-effective manner during the miles ahead. They indicate that as many as 400,000 more drivers could be needed to help the transport industry of the United States keep the cargo moving to destination in America by the time 2012 rolls down the road.

What issues will contribute to the shortage of transport drivers for the job of keeping the trucks moving to destination in the United States of America in the future? The professionals over at FTR Associates think that there could be limits to how fast transport fleets in the years ahead will be able to recruit the drivers they need. They also think that regulatory issues will take some drivers out of the available professional transport drivers pool in the miles ahead for firms in the business of shipping cars overseas and the transport industry of the United States in general. In addition, they point out changes in the state laws could keep drivers of questionable immigration status from getting a commercial driver’s license to operate in America. There are even a few hints that the coming driver shortage could be the largest shortage of drivers in the history of auto transport and the business of transport in of the United States of America.

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