Auto Shipping With Clean Diesel Fuel

Your car transport vehicles could be operating using clean diesel fuel in the future and this could become a fuel the transport industry of the United States of America could use during the transition to cleaner fuels, according to a recently released study. The United States is also currently moving down the road toward implementing tougher environmental and fuel economy standards and expanding the use of renewable fuels in the transport industry of the United States. This news was reported in the recently released Hart Energy Consulting report, “Diesel: Fueling the Future of a Green Economy”, during the Diesel Technology Forum held in conjunction with the United States Department of Energy 2010-2011 Winter Fuels Outlook Conference at the National Press Club.

What else did the Hart Energy report indicate about the growth of the use of clean diesel fuel in the car carriers of the United States delivering customers cars in an efficient, reliable and cost-effective manner on a daily basis? According to the Hart Energy report the growth of clean diesel fuel hasn’t been the same in all sectors of the transport industry and diesel has outpaced the growth of the use of gasoline, and continues to be the main source of fuel for the transport industry of America as we head into the second decade of the century of the environment. The report also reports the growth of clean diesel fuel in the light duty transport industry, the increase in the availability of clean diesel for auto transport in America and the future role renewable diesel fuels will play in the transport industry.

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