Auto Transport and International Moving

Relocation can be exhausting, and the stress is manifold with international moves. In fact, figuring out the new accommodation and handling the legalities and paperwork are only the tip of the iceberg. It is vital that you not only choose a reputable moving company, but one that is affordable yet professional. If you also need to ship a car or your motorcycle, your best bet would be to shop around online for the best deals.

This can be easier said than done considering the vast amount of info that the Internet throws at you. Finding a reliable auto transport company may be as simple as getting a recommendation from a friend, or browsing through a multitude of online quotes and discounted car shipping deals. Figure out the type of auto you are shipping, since this can affect your quote as also the transit times. Be sure to check out the fine print on shipping contracts for hidden fees and clauses, and inquire about their insurance coverage.

These days most the car transport companies offer door-to-door service where all you provide is the pick-up and delivery location and dates. Be sure to also ask for estimated transit times. Most professional movers offer tracking facilities, so even if your delivery date is missed you know your car is in safe hands. Don’t forget to ask for an inspection report upon delivery, and ensure that the report notes the actual condition the vehicle reaches you. In case of evident inconsistencies between the report and the delivered vehicle, be sure to take the truck driver’s signature for damage reimbursement or insurance claims as appropriate.

Be prudent and go for a dependable carrier who can be trusted with your valuable possession. All things considered, it is money well spent.

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