Auto Transport Brokers, Does the average guy need one?

You want your car transported across the country but you have no idea who to call, who to trust, or who is available. What’s the best thing to do when you don’t have the time or the knowledge to interview every auto transport company in town? Contact an auto transport broker.

These companies have the expertise and the industry contacts to which you probably don’t have access. They have information about the carriers in your area and, for a reasonable fee, they can hook you up with the one that best suits your transportation needs. They can provide you with information on several companies as well as their routes, delivery schedules, and prices.

Speaking of prices, auto transport brokers can often get you a better deal with a carrier than you could get on your own. Like insurance companies negotiating with hospitals and doctors, they can often negotiate prices with the transport companies. That alone could be well worth the fee that they charge you.

Car transport brokers also should ensure that the vehicle transport companies with which they work are fully licensed and insured. And the very best brokers won’t just forget about you once they put you into contact with a carrier. They should follow the delivery of your car to its final destination, making sure you stay informed of any issues that might arise. Of course the transport company itself should be in contact with you throughout the process, but it helps to have a professional broker on your side as well. After all, you might be just one of thousands of jobs a transporter works, but if you are referred by a broker who sends a lot of work their way, the transporter will want to keep the broker happy, too.

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