Auto Transport Drivers Will be Welcome!

Car shipping professionals conducting car transport services on the vehicle transportation roads of Missouri will have a new place to stop when out on the highways of America that will be able to provide them with everything they need, once they finish renovating and expanding the current facilities. The Joplin Petro located at Interstate 44 and Highway 43 Exit 4 in Joplin, Missouri is currently undergoing a massive refit and expansion, according to car movers around the United States of America and sources at the Joplin Petro.

What kind of changes are they making to the Joplin Petro that will enhance the services this truck stop already provides? Plans at this point apparently include a new 15,000 square foot Super Truck Showroom that will feature two semi trucks turning on tables, an elevator, wall of light and thousands of chrome accessories to delight the heart of the trucking enthusiast. They’ll also have a Taco Bell and Pizza Hut Express, a cutom vinyl and embroidery shop, new restrooms, doors that will automatically open to allow you access and some new eye-candy to make the experience a little more entertaining.

Reports indicate that the renovation work has already been completed on the Joplin Petro Fuel Center and the Iron Skilled Restaurant, which was actually redone in 2009. Car transporters conducting auto shipping duties in Missouri won’t be able to stop by and check out the renovated digs until sometime early in 2011, according to the latest sources, but they definitely have something to look forward to that will probably put a smile on their faces when they first see it.

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