Auto Transport Heavy-Duty Grease

Protecting the engine parts of a transport vehicle is one of the most important tasks for car haulers out on the roads and highways of the United States taking customers cars to destination on time and budget. Making sure your engine is protected in all environments while out on the roads of North America by using a high-duty grease could be just the thing to save you time and money that could certainly be used for other things.

Citgo has just introduced a new synthetic heavy-duty grease that according to Citgo stays where you put it and provides superior performance to help protect the valuable engine parts of your transport vehicle, called Citgo OverDrive HD Grease. Considering that it can often be longer between engine oil drain and re-lubrication intervals for some firms in the business of great auto transport reviews, Citgo OverDrive HD Grease could be the heavy-duty grease that helps protect the valuable engine of your transport truck for longer periods of time, according to the people over at Citgo Lubricants.

Citgo OverDrive HD Grease includes a synthetic ISO 460 base oil, combining a full PAO synthetic base oil with patented polymer technology that according to Citgo Lubricants makes this heavy-duty grease easy to washout with water, tremendous staying power and the ability to protect the engine of your transport while car shipping to Puerto Rico during the months and years ahead.

Transport drivers and fleet operators that want to check out Citgo OverDrive HD Grease should talk to their local dealer of Citgo Lubricant products, or talk to Citgo Lubricants directly, for more information on where to find this new heavy-duty grease.

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