Auto Transport Pickup Times from Driver to Customer

Once your vehicle is scheduled for the vehicle shipping process, a truck driver will be assigned the load by your auto transport companies.  The dispatcher will then relay your information to the driver so that they can then give you a call to set up a 1-2 hour time frame for pickup and delivery.  Sometimes, hours or even a day elapses without hearing from the driver.  Quite often they are driving so they don’t like to talk on their phones while in route, but not to worry; your vehicle is usually one of 8 on his entire load.  He also has to coordinate with the other vehicle owners as well for proper timing.  If someone or multiple customers don’t answer their phones while at their designated pickup location, he has no choice but to wait to hear back.  The schedule might then be altered by this delay, so in order to not mess up other customers time schedules, he must first make sure that he sets a reasonable time frame for everyone on the load.  Communication is key in almost every industry, but for car shipping, there is nothing more important.  Make sure to choose a reputable transport broker in order to get quality service and a good experience.  A good car shipping companies will make sure that you are in the know about everything throughout the duration of the transport process.

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