Auto Transport Prepares for Winter

The winter months have arrived in North America and transport firms and professionals trying to control the auto shipping rates they charge customers will be implementing snow chains in order to keep transport vehicles on the snow covered roads and the highways of the United States during the months ahead. Transport drivers and firms looking for a new tool to help them keep transport vehicles on the roadways, rather than the snow chains they have been using for years, now have a new product designed to be an alternate for transport drivers and firms implementing snow chains in their business operations.

GoClaws is an advanced engineered tire traction system for use in mud, sand, snow or ice being marketed by Advanced Traction Systems, and an alternate choice to the snow chains car haulers have been putting on their heavy duty truck tires for years. An injection-molded, high-strength, high-durability polyurethane system offering a smoother ride and longer tire life, according to Advanced Traction Systems, GoClaws accomplished this through improved abrasion resistance and less damage to tires. In addition, GoClaws eliminates road damage, exceeds SAE clearance requirements for each vehicle class and meets the stricter laws enforced by many federal, state and local transportation departments and authorities who have made studded tires and tire chains illegal for vehicle shipping services because of the damage done to the roads and highways of the United States of America.

Transport drivers and firms that want to check out GoClaws for possible use in their transport business should check out local dealers of Advanced Traction Systems products, or contact the firm directly for more information on where to find GoClaws.

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