Auto Transport Safety Improved

Professional vehicle transport drivers will be glad that according to sources at the United States Department of Transportation the agency has already finished implementing more NTSB safety recommendations in 2010 than anytime during the past five years. During the past 18 months in the United States the United States Department of Transportation has been on the transport roads taking care of critical safety issues, like distracted driving, pilot fatigue, and other transport safety issues. Sources at the agency indicate that they completed 92 safety recommendations in the first nine months of 2010, compared to 60 in 2009, so it does appear that momentum is building for the implementation of critical safety issues on the transport roads.

This is good news for the professionals that ship cars in the United States, but this is just the beginning of the battle to improve the level of safety on the transport roads. The United States Department of Transportation is also at work implementing about 80 percent of the safety recommendation they have received or looking at their feasibility for improving the level of safety for the transport industry of America in the century of the environment. Hopefully, they get all of the useful safety recommendations implemented in the next few months, and the transport roads are safer to move along. This is the news that transport professionals and all Americans using the roads are looking forward to hearing. If we keep building momentum in this battle, we should steadily improve the level of safety on the transport highways of America for the professional car transporter, and all Americans.

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