Auto Transport to Germany: Tips

Auto transport to a foreign land can be a rather stressful experience. Each country has specific laws and policies on how they accept imported items. Customers must have a deep understanding of the policies and laws for shipping vehicles to a country such as Germany to make sure that everything goes smoothly. It is also essential to know what documents may be asked and required in applying for importation permits or other legal documents.

When shipping any item to a foreign country, whether the item is small or large it is important to choose a company that is well experienced with customs policies for each and every country and that they provide quality delivery service. Compare rates and services on what companies in the auto transport industry are able to offer. Read reviews on recommended companies but be wary of biased opinions. Customers interested in having their vehicle shipped should take the initiative in knowing more about what is available as well as what is needed to avoid as much problems with having items shipped abroad.

There are no known limits in importing a vehicle to Germany. As compared to other countries, the duties, taxes and physical examinations of the vehicle do not depend on the age of the car and as such, all cars are equal. All cars being imported require a specific motor vehicle tax to be paid. This is done after the car’s registration. In addition, a 10% import duty is paid, which is based on the original price of the vehicle when it was first purchased, cost of the freight as well as the insurance. A 15% VAT is also required which depends on the vehicle’s price, the cost of the freight and import duty. Special edition cars may also be charged an additional 7% depending on the situation.

If your car is not working well and declared as unsafe for driving in German roads, you will have a very big problem. Apart from that, Germany also sees to every part of the car so be sure that your car is A-OK because it will undergo a very rigorous process.

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