Automated Export System (AES)

AES and the Car Shipping Industry

Everyone knows how time consuming it is to organize all the paperwork that is required by law to import or export goods. In an attempt to speed this process up and make exporting more efficient, the U.S. Commerce Department’s Census Bureau created “AES”. Automated Export System helps exporters file and organize information over the internet at no cost. This is the government’s way to increase U.S. exports and increase the benefits of exporting.  According to Masaaki Kotabe and Kristiaan Helsen, “it was designed to improve trade statistics, reduce duplicate reporting to multiple agencies, improve customer service, and to ensure compliance with enforcement of laws relating to exporting”. This system is a national system that is used by all U.S. ports and all means of transportation. Kotabe and Kristiaan note that, “This internet-based system will allow exporters, freight forwarders, and consolidators to file shippers export declaration information in an automated, cost-free way”.

How AES Benefits Auto Shipping

A system like this can have many benefits to consumers and auto shippers from all areas when exporting goods. The reduced cost of organizing information can translate to a reduced cost in services charged by the different types of export services. The reduced cost can translate into increased profits and increased interest in exporting without having to worry how to get all the information to the correct people in time of the export. Since this service has been enabled in late 1999, exporting has become less stressful and less confusing. For more information on this system please refer to the internet for help.

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