Avoid CSA 2010 Intervention in Car Shipping

Car transport firms conducting car shipping services on the streets and highways of the United States of America that have been looking for a web-based driver management tool that delivers flexibility in idenfifying driving behaviours that put everyone on the roads at risk that has also been certified by the American Trucking Association (ATA) can stop looking! The American Trucking Association announced recently that it endorses EBE Technologies CSA 2010 Dashboard as an effective driver management tool to help the car transporter of any size effectively manage their responsibilities under the upcoming CSA 2010 rules and regulations.

EBE Technologies CSA 2010 Dashboard provides both company and car hauling driver percentiles on all measurements and also gives the user the ability to target specific areas for analysis. The information provided by the system can be displayed by summary or detailed views and users can search by specific criteria, such as inspection category, driver ID, division, fleet manager, and points and percentiles. The system also allows for monitoring and retrieving of auto transport company and driver related inspection information from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Compass portal daily and providing car movers with nearly real-time visibility of driver behavior. This means car shipping firms operating in the United States can stay in total compliance with CSA 2010, keep accidents and associated costs to a minimum, and make sure the drivers they employ are the safest in the business. Users can even analysis company trends by category, measure, percentile, points and time period and the system allows for email alerts to be sent to the appropriate personnel based on the driving behaviors identified, events and even new activity.

CSA 2010 will soon replace SafeSat as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s tool to prioritize firms for interventions. The ATA endorsing EBE Technologies CSA 2010 Dashboard is great news for firms that were looking for a tool to help them take a critical look at their safety performance to determine how to focus their resources to ensure safety compliance with CSA 2010 and avoid costly and time-consuming FMCSA intervention in their auto shipping services.

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