California Cleaning up their Trucks

Anti-Pollution regulations in California have been looking for a way to clean its air. The soot in the diesel exhaust has been one of the focal points in recent years. The tail pipes in many trucks, off-road equipment, and buses have been throttled with refined filters that strip out particulates. Trucks made before 2007 must have retrofits and the devices needed for periodic servicing. Newer trucks made in 2007 or later are standard and have diesel particulate filters. Ironman Parts & Service is one of the independent companies that are doing this type of work. In the last six years, they have done 10,000 retrofits. The owner, Craig Phillips, specializes in this line of work and has added this ongoing engine rebuilding and maintenance operations to his company. Cleaire, Donaldson, and Johnson-Matthey for on-road trucks, plus another line for off-road equipment are all products that are handled by Ironman. Waste vehicles and publicly owned vehicles were the first items focused on by the California Air Resources Board. Diesel-powered commercial vehicles over 26,000 pounds GVWR must comply within the next three years. Vehicles between the model-years of ’96 and ’06 are where the majority of the work is being done. Trucks that are privately owned are exempt but commercial trucks made 94’ and earlier have been banned by the state. This benefits the auto shipping industry because carriers will now be more efficient and reliable. Vehicle transport customers, in return, get a reduced price and a better time frame for which their vehicle will get delivered. A large part of Phillip’s business has been based on the cleanup. An installation per truck takes 8-20 hours and can cost anywhere from $7,500 to $15,000 depending on the engine and type of DPF. A healthy engine is needed in order to have a successful installation, but in many cases they are not because they have been uncared for.

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