California Turns To China for New Bay Bridge

Over $7 billion is going to California’s, San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge which is going to be their newest bridge. The bridge is going to have a distinctive design to the Golden Gate Bridge. Bart Ney, a spokesman for the project said that it is going to be the world’s largest self-anchored suspension bridge. A classic suspension bridge is held up by cables strung between two towers much like a hammock. However, this bridge features a single tower and a single mile-long cable that drapes up and over the tower and supports the deck like a sling. New bridges only increse the car haulers ability to move quicker to locations. About five years ago is when the decision for the Bay Bridge started because a contractor offered different bids for the project. One proposing to do work domestically, one proposing to do the work internationally: Tony Anziano, a manager at the California Department of Transportation said that there was a $400 million differential in the bid and because of that it would have cause the work to go international. Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries which is a state-owned Chinese company took the steal contract job and they had many advantages such as modern production facilities, ships to deliver the steel and, of course, low-cost labor. The reason they didn’t go with an American steel company is because the steel doesn’t have capacity for a job like the Bay Bridge.

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