Car Care Tips for the Winter

Vehicle maintenance is a must in this busy world.  Fast paced people don’t have the time to be idle and wait for their cars to get fixed at the shop.  The winter months can get really cold and are a frustrating time for a car to break down, so follow these few tips and keep that car in motion.

While drivers should keep their vehicles properly maintained year round to ensure its peak performance, most people tend to forget some things.  So, with that said, N-Motion Auto Transport wanted to just give a few reminders for the cold winter months to reduce complications.

  • Make sure to clean out the areas of the car where twigs and leaves can possibly build up.  These areas are usually meant for water run off.  The air plenum near the windshield is a common spot where this can happen.
  • Consider purchasing a set of winter tires.  Today’s society has created the trend of using low profile, wider tires on our vehicles and the car manufactures have taken this into consideration.  They have made the wheel wells shorter in order to accommodate these low-pros.  Low profile tires are a no-no in the snow and will only decrease traction.
  • Check the wiper blades and make sure there is plenty of life left in them.  Conditions such as fog, rain and snow can all reduce visibility and make for dangerous driving situations.  When the vehicle is parked, make sure that the wipers are in the off position so that the wiper motor doesn’t overwork itself to fight frozen wipers.  
  • Winter conditions puts more stress on the vehicles battery, so make sure that the battery is fully juiced all of the time.  Remember, many car part shops usually don’t charge anything to load-test the battery. It is much cheaper to replace the battery on a time schedule that fits the consumer’s lifestyle versus being at the mercy of which ever repair shop it is towed to.
  • Make sure that the antifreeze is topped off, but majority of vehicles are fitted with systems that can hold enough for 5 years or up to 150,000 miles.

As long as drivers follow these few tips for the winter, they can easily get from point A to B without complications.

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