Car Carrier Catches Fire, A dangerous job

Commuters traveling along Interstate 95 between exits 39 and 40 near Milford, Connecticut could see the smoke rising above the highway as they drove past on Monday morning as several cars being carried to destination upon a tractor-trailer were burning after the car shipping carrier caught fire. The fire was reported as starting around 6 a.m. but surprisingly, the first report that reached that authorities was sometime around 6:30, so people were stopping to watch, but nobody thought to inform anybody. This isn’t an unusual thing, since everybody always thinks somebody has already done it and they don’t even ask around to see if somebody has reported an incident.

Unfortunately, a few expensive vehicles could be seen burning in the pile, including a Mercedes or two, and other valuable pieces of merchandise. Apparently, one of the car carrier’s wheels was destroyed by fire for some reason, and the fire grew to include the vehicles the car carrier was transporting. The driver did report hearing a strange noise just before the wheel was seen on fire and they think the fire could be due to a problem with the operation of the car carrier.

The incident did result in two lanes being partially out of commission for a few hours and traffic was delayed, but no one was hurt in the incident and this is the most important thing. After a few hours everything was back to normal and traffic was flowing once again.

They’re still investigating the cause of the fire and if we get any other word, we’ll pass it along to you at a later date.

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