Car Carriers get New Road Tool

Auto Transport drivers all over the nation and companies applying air brake systems in transport vehicles are happy that Phillips Industries added sliding axle spring kits to their product line.  This product was designed to help the US transportation industry deliver vehicles in an efficient, yet reliable manner.  The kits are strong enough to secure heavy hoses and are easily replaceable.  The patented Phillips Qwik-Snap hose holder has a scissor design that allows for easy replacement of the hose and cable while also offering the holders are easy to open and close for car shipping drivers utilizing work gloves, and include a positive lock that is strong enough to hold tight at over 80 lbs of pressure. 

These axle spring kits comprise of heavy-duty springs that hold air lines with ease and were made from hard drawn pre-galvanized wire to produce a more efficient recoil memory and offer a longer lifespan.  Phillips Sliding Axle Spring Kits can be customized to the liking of car transport companies and offer a variety of springs, hose holders and frame clips for vehicle transport applications.

Auto Shipping firms and drivers alike should surely contact their local dealer to take a peek at the Phillips Sliding Axle Spring Kits and/or contact Phillips Industries for more items in their product line.  

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