Car Haulers Dealing With Snow

Transport drivers conducting vehicle shipping services along the New York State Thruway this week and during the weekend might want to look at alternate routes in order to help them deliver customers cars in a reliable, efficient and cost-effective manner during the miles ahead. Sources traveling along a 10-mile section of Interstate 90 indicate that this route could be closed to transport in both directions between exits 50 and 55 along New York’s eastern suburbs during the next few days. Transport drivers and firms planning on using this route to transport vehicles to destination on time and budget, might want to think about alternate routes, just in case this route should be totally closed to car transport, or even slowed down considerably during the next few days for transportation services.

At the present moment, about two feet of snow has fallen along this transport route in the last few days, and hundreds of motorists have been stranded due to falling snow during the past week. Sources in the transport industry indicate that people have been using snowmobiles and emergency vehicles to try to help stranded drivers along the closed stretch of Interstate 90 running north-south along Buffalo’s eastern city limits, but that there are still lots of stranded drivers. There’s also lots of work left to do to get this transport route up to full capacity for use by the car transporter needing to move vehicles to destinations along this route.

Transport services and drivers thinking about using this essential transport route that want to make sure there are no problems due to the falling snow, should probably use a different route to move to destination, if possible, just to make sure any possibly problems are avoided.

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