Car Haulers in New Jersey

You won’t find any snow on your auto transport if you’re operating in the Garden State of the United States in the next few days, at least the latest weather forecasts are calling for no snow in the near future. If it does snow, you probably want to make sure you clear snow and ice off of your transport vehicle, or you could be assessed a fine of up to $75 for not making sure you take care of this job. Starting October 20, this rule affects the job of transporting cars to destination in New Jersey, and you definitely want to make sure that if it snows you don’t allow snow and ice to build up on your truck cab or trailer.

If snow or ice falls from your vehicle transport and causes property damage or hurts someone, you could be given a hefty fine. This doesn’t affect snow and ice accumulating on a transport vehicle out on the roads of North America that’s heading to a place to have the snow and ice removed. This new idea in New Jersey doesn’t seem to meet the logic-test that transport professionals have been putting it through as occupational health and safety legislation in place usually prohibits transport drivers from climbing to the top of trailers, without the proper safety equipment.

The latest thought in connection with this idea includes using the collected revenue from fines issued under the new ruling to create a snow and ice removal safety fund, which according to many professionals in the business of shipping cars overseas would provide incentives for fleets and truckstops to install snow removal equipment in their facilities in the future. There’s also a concern that other municipalities looking for ways to generate revenue will see this idea as a great way to put more money in their coffers in the miles ahead.

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