Car Haulers Need to be Ready for Anything

Transport professionals out on the roads and highways of the United States of America car shipping to Puerto Rico never know when they might need a jumper starter to help them start a troublesome transport vehicle that just won’t start. Having a 12-volt commercial jump starter could save time and money and help a transport driver keep customers cars heading to destination in a reliable, efficient and cost-effective manner in the United States of America. The multipurpose Solar 3001 Clore Automotive 12-Volt Commercial Charger/Starter includes an onboard air compressor and 5-foot retractable jumper cables for ease of use and convenience on the road.

The Solar 3001 Close Automotive 12-Volt Commercial Charger also includes large pneumatic wheels and a small size which will allow professionals in the business of shipping cars overseas to move this unit around with ease, according to Clore Automotive. The Solar 3001 12-Volt Commercial Charger also adds the ability of a heavy-duty onboard compressor with auto shut-off and an adjustable preset pressure, and includes a rugged, high impact case and industrial grade design and engineering strong enough for every day use in all environments, according to Close Automotive. The EZ View control panel included makes it easy to watch the progress of the job and the large gauges make it easy to see what’s happening at a distance.

The professional car transporter out on the roads and highways of the United States during the winter months ahead is probably going to need a heavy-duty 12-volt commercial grade jumper starter at some point during the winter. The Solar 3001 could be the tool that saves you money and keeps your transport vehicle on the roads and moving to destination.

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