Car Haulers Using Mitchel 1 Repair-Connect

Transport firms in the business of shipping cars overseas for a living using Mitchell 1’s Repair-Connect to help keep transport vehicles on the road taking cars to destination on time and budget will be interested in the latest release of this online troubleshooting program. Mitchell 1’s program now includes online troubleshooting help for transport drivers and firms implementing Class 4-8 vehicles in fleet operations and provides engine diagnostic information for both gas and diesel engines.

Mitchell 1 indicates they have made enhancements to the user interface of Repair-Connect to allow this product to speed up the process of repairing a vehicle transport and getting it back on the road and taking vehicles to destination in a reliable, efficient and cost-effective manner. Technicians are taken directly to the service information they need by just inputting the Diagnostic Trouble Code, allowing for easy access to information specific to the code input, and simplifying the process of transport maintenance for technicians.

Mitchell 1 also indicates it has a number of outstanding online vehicle repair products perfect for helping drivers in the business of great auto transport reviews keep their transport vehicle in great shape, including, and

Transport drivers and firms should contact Mitchell 1 directly for more information on the new Repair-Connect and how this enhanced service offer could help you in your transport business, or stop by a local dealer of Mitchell 1 products.

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