Car Movers Compare Fuel Efficient Truck Tires

Car movers conducting car shipping services on the streets and highways of the United States of America looking for another possible way to save a little money should check out the possible savings provided by using Yokohama fuel-efficient truck tires for heavy duty car transport vehicles. The best and newest way to check out the possible saving using Yokohama truck tires could have for your auto shipping services is probably Yokohama’s new interactive, online tool that’s located on the Yokohama Tire Corporation’s website. Yokohama Tire Corporation announced Thursday the launching of their new website design to help automobile transport firms find out how they can possible save a little money down the road in terms of fuel efficiency. Called the Yokohama Fuel Savings Calculator, the new interactive tool performs side by side comparisons of Yokohama’s fuel efficient truck tires against Yokohama’s competitors.

The fuel savings are apparently shown in three ways, which includes things like Annual Fuel Savings per Car Transport Vehicle, Annual Fuel Savings for Fleet, and Annual Gallons of Fuel Savings. A great way to compare the fuel savings of Yokohama’s Zenvironment truck tires and new 1010ZL truck tires and Yokohama’s complete line low rolling resistance truck tires certified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s SmartWay Program. Reports even say Yokohama’s Fuel Savings Calculator shows you the total amount you can reduce the carbon wheel-print of your auto transport services by using Yokohama truck tires.

This new Fuel Savings Calculator is a bold move by Yokohama and a confident one that will certainly help sales, provided Yokohama truck tires are as good as advertised? If professionals in the business of shipping cars in the United States of America see that they can save significantly money by implementing Yokohama low rolling resistance truck tires in their operations, we could certainly see more Yokohama truck tires on the transport vehicles of America in the months and years ahead.

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