Car Shipping on Michelin Tires

American transport firms that like to run Michelin tires on their car carriers have a new way to locate a dealer of Michelin tires or service provider for their favorite truck tire. Michelin recently announced the start of a new mobile dealer-locator application for Blackberry smart phones used in the United States of America and Canada designed to help you locate the dealer or service provider for Michelin tires when you really need one. This new application is part of the existing Michelin OnCall emergency road service and online dealer and service locator that’s part of Michelin’s “Wherever You Go” service.

Sources around the car transport industry of the United States of America report that this new Blackberry is the first of a number of similar application that might be launched in the future. Android and iPhone applications servicing the same customers could be just around the bend in the road ahead, according to sources, so the difference could be that Blackberry is first. This is provided that Blackberry’s application is as good as the Android and iPhone applications, once they arrive on the scene. We’ll have to wait and see what customer think of Michelin’s Blackberry application, before we can comment on the job that the developers and designers did creating this application.

This is great news for firms in America that use Michelin truck tires to help them keep a handle on their car shipping prices. It will also help professionals on the roads of the United States find the nearest Michelin truck tire or service provider and even provides them with basic information on the facility in question. Users can call Michelin OnCall ERS directly from the application or search for a providers by category, using the users current GPS location or a location they enter.

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