Car Shipping Professionals Make a Note

Professionals that ship cars for the living in the United States of America will be glad to hear that a former United States Federal Carrier Safety Administrator will be joining the fight to help diagnose sleep apnea in the transport industry. The latest reports indicate that John Hill will now be a senior advisor for regulatory affairs for SleepSafe Drivers, a national provider of sleep apnea diagnosis and treatment programs designed for the transport industry of America. John Hill was previously in his career confirmed by the United States Senate as administrator of the United States Federal Carrier Safety Administration in 2006 and earlier in his life he served as USFMCSA’s chief safety officer and assistant administrator.

This is news that will certainly get the attention of car transport professionals on the transport roads and highways of the United States of America. Mr. Hill will certainly have the research experience required to understand the issues involved in sleep apnea and the possible solutions that could be available for the transport professionals of America. Hopefully, this gentleman’s efforts combined with the current efforts transport professionals around the United States are taking to understand and deal with possible sleep apnea in drivers, will be the solution that eventually leads to sleep apnea being being something of the past.

The job before Mr. Hill isn’t a small one according to many sources around the car transporter industry as an extensive list of new regulations concerning sleep apnea in the transport industry could be coming down the road in the months ahead. What exactly the final look of these new regulations will be and how they’ll improve things for transport professionals on the roads of the United States will be the final question?

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