Car Shipping Security

Making sure vehicles are secure during transport in one of the most important parts of controlling auto shipping rates and transport drivers traveling through the beautiful American state of New Jersey have a new location to help store and secure cargo. Sangar Cargo Security Incorporated recently announced the opening of a new location at 7373 West Side Avenue, North Bergen, New Jersey, with 24-hour security staff and a completely fenced facility. Drivers and firms in the business of shipping cars overseas that stop in to take a look at the facility will see the location uses high resolution cameras, is well lite, and implements a bar coding system of all cargo entering the facility.

This location implements a web enabled security platform that allows customers to directly control the release of cargo from the location preventing unauthorized removal from the site, according to the people over at Sangar Cargo Security. In addition, this location also offers office space, tractor and trailer parking, preventative trailer maintenance and repair facilities, and other services transport drivers in the business of controlling car shipping prices can use to help protect vehicles during transport through New Jersey.

This new Sangar Cargo Security location could help you enhance the security of the transport services you provide while traveling through New Jersey during the miles ahead. Stop by and talk to the professionals on hand about the services provided at this location and you might decide this facility is perfect to help you deliver cars in a secure and reliable way during the miles ahead.

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