Car Shipping to Puerto Rico Gets Easier

Your auto transport reviews will get better and your boss will be happier if you consistently make it to destination on time and budget. ALK Technologies has announced the introduction of CoPilot Live Truck, an application specifically designed for the transport professional of the United States of America that according to ALK Technologies is designed to be more portable and affordable than dedicated navigation aids. An application that works on your iPhone, CoPilot Live Truck allows users to safely and reliably obtain transport directions while out on the roads and highways of America, using vehicle and driver profiles. ALK Technologies indicates that CoPilot Live Truck automatically calculates the best route to take, while taking into account the type of transport vehicle you’re driving, and the weight and width of the load being carried on your car transport.

Specific capabilities of ALK Technologies CoPilot Live Truck application for the iPhone include avoiding the low clearances of bridges, the roads that you’re not allowed to use for transport, and the ability to help you locate appropriate weight stations, CAT scales, rest areas, truck stops, and truck service facilities on your auto transport route. CoPilot Live Truck has ALK digital maps of North America that have been improved using industry standard PC-Miler transport-specific routing features. All of the digital maps are stored right on your iPhone, which means an Internet interruption isn’t going to prevent you from obtaining the digital map you need when transporting customers vehicles to destination.

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