Car Shipping to Puerto Rico in a Kenworth

Transport fleets in the business of controlling auto shipping rates implementing medium-duty Kenworth model trucks in the transport services they use to deliver cars on time and budget will be interested in the latest news concerning these model transport vehicles. Kenworth recently announced they’ll soon be offering the Hendrickson Primaax EX rear air suspension with Kenworth T270 and T370 front-drive-axle-equipped medium-duty models sold in the United States of America. Apparently, according to sources in the business of shipping cars overseas, Kenworth made this announcement just before the up coming Work Truck Show in Indianapolis this week, in order to take advantage of the show to tell the world about this news.

The Hendrickson Primaax EX rear air suspension is a system that works well with the new transport trucks introduced during the last few miles in the United States of America, according to transport industry experts and drivers in the business of controlling car shipping prices. Ideal for both vocational and severe transport jobs, the Hendrickson Primaax EX rear air suspension is also engineered and designed for the toughest environmental conditions, to have a long lifespan, and to reduce road shock on a transport vehicle from the rugged highways and roads of the nation.

Transport firms and drivers that want to check out the Hendrickson Primaax EX rear suspension should stop by the Work Truck Show in Indianapolis this week. You’ll be able to take a look at the newest transport vehicles available on the market, spend time with other people who love big trucks, and have fun enjoying the sights and sounds available for all to enjoy during the show. This party could be the place you meet new friends and make new connections that will help take your trucking career to the next level.

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