Car Shipping to Sweden, What You Need

Car shipping to Sweden can be a tedious process. Where do you start? The very first thing you should do is get all your documents in order. You will be needing the bill of sale of the car to be shipped out, proof of registration from the state you are currently at, a copy of your passport’s photo page, and the title of the car that is if it has a lien.

If you have the original title of your car, give it to US Customs so that they will release your vehicle to be transported out of the country. Work with a broker who will be able to handle the title for you. When forwarding to your broker, use FedEx or any US registered mail where you can trace the transaction –this will be a security that the title is forwarded to US Customs. The broker’s job is to ensure that the original title goes back to you as this will be needed when your car is finally on Swedish soil.

Be prepared to pay $2000 plus to ship the car but if you do not use a broker you will save more. However, you will be doing the paperwork yourself. You will have to deliver the car to the port as well. For those who are coming from the West Coast, be prepared for the charges because there will be a need to use trucking services for the car to be delivered to its departure port. Getting a Marine Cargo Insurance is also recommended so that your car is covered during the shipment.

Like in all car shipments, using roll-on-roll-off is the cheapest way to go. Another way is to ship it with all your personal effects –everything n one container. In the end however it might turn out to be more expensive so the best way to make that decision is to do your research because transport companies have different promos and discounts and of course prices.

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