Car Transport Air Fittings for the Road

Transport drivers in the business of controlling car shipping prices can save money and time by making sure they have a reliable set of air fittings available to help them at all times while out on the transport roads and highways of the United States of America. Phillips Industries has announced the introduction of two new combination kits containing their most popular QWIK-FIT Push-to-Connect Composite Air Fittings, to help keep your transport vehicle on time and budget during the months and years ahead on the roads of the United States of America.

According to Phillips Industries these two new combination kits contain a collection of male connectors, straight unions, 45-degree male elbows and dust boots in various sizes typically used by transport drivers in the business of great auto shipping rates. The individual parts are arranged in their own containers to help keep them in place, whether the case is sitting in the cab of your transport vehicle, or on the bench in your garage. The 80-1291 Travel Kit contains a total of 48 parts, while the Shop Kit contains 110 parts, according to Phillips Industries, and both kits are available through Phillips Industries distributors.

Transport drivers and firms car shipping to Puerto Rico that would like to check out these two new combination kits should contact Phillips Industries directly for more information, or drop by a local dealer of Phillips Industries products to see what they have. This could be your chance to always make sure you have the air fittings you need while out on the roads and highways of America taking vehicles to destination.

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