Car Transport Along 31.8-Mile Stretch of US 35

Car transport firms providing car hauling services for customers within the borders of West Virginia that need to travel along a 31.8-mile stretch of US 35 in the days ahead in the century of the environment might have to pay for the right to use this part of US 35. The West Virginia Parkways Authority has decided that it could use the money to upgrade the highway between Buffalo and Henderson to four lanes and this means that automobile transport services traveling along this stretch of US 35 might have to pay a toll in the future.

The upgrade to the stretch of highway in question is almost complete according to sources and this money would help finish the job. The final okay on this idea still has to be given, but the West Virginia Parkways Authority apparently gave the heads-up to state Secretary of Transportation Paul Mattox’s request to take a look at putting the tolls in place along the stretch of the US 35 in question. The heads-up from the authority should actually get the ball rolling on this idea, according to many sources in the auto transport industry of West Virginia, so this most likely means we’ll start seeing some progress on this idea, pretty quick. Reports indicate that most believe the final part of the upgrade to the highway between Buffalo and Henderson won’t get finished without the money the tolls would provide, so it might be that tolls along the 31.8-mile stretch of US 35 in question is only a matter of time?

This idea still has a ways to travel down the paper trail before it will be implemented though as any toll implementation along the stretch of US 35 in question would require the approval of a two-member citizen committee in the counties of Mason and Putnam, in addition to the Mason and Putnam county commissions.

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