Car Transport Becoming Environmentally-Friendly

Transport drivers and transportation firms that ship cars keeping up to date on the latest news related to the desire to make the transport vehicles on the roads and highways of the United States more environmentally-friendly will be interested in the latest news. Sources in the transport industry of America indicate that GreenMan Technologies and its subsidiary American Power Group Incorporated have received a United States Environmental Protection Agency Vehicular Memorandum of Exemption and eleven initial Test Exemptions.

Sources indicate that the exemptions are for the testing and verification of American Power Group’s unique non-invasive dual-fuel upgrade system for the aftermarket diesel truck and tractor engines used by vehicle transport firms and other transport companies around the United States of America. American Power Group’s dual-fuel system converts diesel engines and generators to work more efficiently and at a lower operating cost by seamlessly displacing about 40-70 percent of the diesel fuel normally consumed with CNG, LNG, or bio-methane based systems, according to sources over at GreenMan Technologies and American Power Group Incorporated.

American Power Group has stated in a press release that the first test exemptions will allow engineers to gather essential data on engine performance and emission information on a pre-dual-fuel and post-dual-fuel basis that will allow help them meet EPA requirements and make their dual-fuel upgrade system available for firms in the business of controlling auto shipping rates and all transport firms in the United States of America during the miles ahead.

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