Car Transport Bridge Being Repaired

Car transportation firms that were planning on using the Interstate 55 bridge in Arkansas this week to conduct car shipping duties will need to find another route to take as this route is currently being made safer for auto shipping transport vehicles to use. Road construction engineers and crews recently found a few problems that they’re currently fixing during a routine inspection of the Interstate 55 bridge that will require this popular car transport route be closed for a few days. This work will prevent possible problems due found during the routine inspection and it should make Americans and car transporters in America happy to know that the road and bridge inspectors are out on the transport roads of America doing their jobs and that the Interstate 55 bridge will soon be safer for the job of transporting cars to destination in the United States of America for years to come in the century of the environment.

The Interstate 55 bridge runs between West Memphis, Arkansas and Memphis, Tennessee and according to sources is used by numerous transport vehicles on a daily basis, so this news, while it might require a few changes in the business of professionals shipping cars to destination in America, is actually good news in that the bridge will be safer once the work is complete. This news will mean that the Interstate 55 bridge will be closed to auto transport in alternate directions starting Monday, August 9, between the hours of 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day, and continuing through until Thursday, August 12. Plans call for the outside southbound lane to be closed first and then once that work is completed the work crews will more over 

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