Car Transport Firms Using Peterbilt Trucks

Transport firms and owner operators in the business of providing the best auto shipping transport services possible also driving a Peterbilt transport truck will be glad to hear the latest news concerning their favorite brand of heavy-duty transport truck. Peterbilt Motors Company has been awarded the Employer of the Year Silver Award by the North Texas Clean Air Association, for the work they have done on improving air quality in the greater North Texas region. A nice accomplishment and feather in Peterbilt’s hat, sources indicate that Peterbilt Motors Company was very happy to receive this award for the work they have done on trying to improve the air quality of Texas and the United States of America during the last few miles. Sources also indicated that Peterbilt stated the company was committed to continuing the work started and on keeping the current course in the months and years ahead.

Transport professionals in the car shipping industry indicate that Peterbilt Motors Company implemented several ideas during recent times to help the firm accomplish the goals that earned the company the Employer of the Year Silver Award. These included reducing lift truck NOx levels and electrical consumption in their Denton truck plant by 17 and 29 percent, respectively. They also started a partnership with Denton Municipal Electric to purchase renewable energy and have maintained their Zero Waste to Landfill designation status for two years. Sources at Peterbilt indicate that this was accomplished by working with employees in efforts to get the job done, recycling programs, participating in beneficial waste to fuel initiatives, and making other deals with strategically positioned partners. News that will certainly make firms in the business of great auto transport reviews using Peterbilt transport trucks smile a little brighter.

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