Car Transport in Port of Algeciras Strong, Shipping cars to Spain

The business of international auto shipping has apparently been going strong in Spain’s biggest port, the Port of Algeciras Bay, as reports have been coming in of cars moving through this ports car transport facilities in increasing volumes in the first part of 2010. The Port of Algeciras is in a strategic geographical position along the north shore of the Strait of Gibraltar that makes it a perfect crossroad for shipping services between Northern Europe, West Africa, America and Asia. The Port of Algeciras has apparently also been at work improving the road infrastructure connecting the port facilities with all of the regions surrounding the port, so moving the cars inland or bringing them to the ships, is going to be easier for car hauling services tasked with delivering the vehicles.

There were no concrete numbers on the increase in the volume of cars being moved through the Port of Algeciras Bay in the first quarter of 2010. We can get an idea of the increase by looking at the total increase in traffic at the port during the first quarter though, which went up by over 6 percent. At the same time, container volumes in the port went up by over 15 percent, so you can get an idea of the increase in the number of vehicles moving through the Port of Algeciras during the first few months of the year. The port authorities and firms doing business in the Port of Algeciras obviously are hoping that they keep seeing sunny skies on the horizon and activity at the port continue to increase as we travel further into 2010. We second that feeling and hope that traffic and business in the Port of Algeciras is breaking records in a few months time.,171762&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL…tm_medium=email

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