Car Transport Trucks Have Evolved

Professionals in the business of car shipping to Puerto Rico that have been providing transport service for customers that need to transport cars for a few decades probably remember the older heavy-duty trucks manufactured by companies like Mack. They might even be looking at the current conditions in the transport industry of the United States of America and the transport trucks being manufactured, and wonder what life would be for them if the heavy-duty trucks manufactured in the old days hadn’t evolved into the transport trucks of today. These thoughts were probably running through the minds of an experienced car transporter, or two, that showed up to take a look at the new Mack trucks on display at Mack’s newest Customer Center. The new Mack trucks on display at this center sit side by side with older Mack trucks, from another age of transport in America, which has given the transport professionals on hand at the new Mack center a chance to compare the old with the new.

The new Mack center is actually Mack’s old engineering development and test center, but walking through the center you don’t smell the grease and diesel fumes that would have filled the development center years ago. Walking outside you can have a look at a collection of old Mack trucks from an earlier age, some of them worked on the roads and highways of the United States of America in the 1920s. Mack trucks are also on hand that worked on the roads of North America during the 1950s to 1980s and car shipping drivers can even get behind the wheel of one of these older transport trucks and take it around Mack’s test track to see how they compare to modern heavy-duty transport trucks being manufactured by Mack, today. Once you get behind the wheel of these older transport trucks, you might appreciate your modern Mack truck a lot more, and transport drivers from an earlier age would probably think they had died and gone to transport heaven.

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